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It all starts with an integration.

Our APIs are built for our partners to be utilized in building new services or to create more value to their customers by enhancing their current service(s) through Helen’s data.

We are constantly building and evaluating new APIs to serve our partners better in their value creation. Please share your thoughts with us about what we could do more.

Getting started

To get started, you first need to contact us to start the beta partnership discussion and we will schedule a meeting. The meeting is required to check that you have the rights to access the organization’s data. You can sign up on the platform beforehand if you want.

In the meeting we will go through the following agenda:

  1. Getting to know each other
  2. Partner Platform in a nutshell
  3. Your organization’s requirements for data and API access
  4. Onboarding and setting the stage for your organization
  5. Using APIs

We will send you meeting related materials in advance so that you can prepare for the meeting by inviting relevant persons to participate.


List of available APIs

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*Prices are to be announced after the beta phase. Only Starter plan is available during the beta, but the limits and quota may vary.

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